The web can be a dangerous place. Identity thieves and other threats are lurking everywhere. You need to look out for both yourself and your customers. We know. That’s why we offer two main channels of security: WhoisGuard service keeps your private information private, reduces spam, protects you from identity thieves, decreases spam, and wards off telemarketers.  While SSL certificates are the best way to protect your site’s customers against identity theft. We offer a wide range of SSL products available: We offer basic to in-depth validation, for one site or several.

From our US Datacenter, our network, and our servers, Web Hosting Valdosta invests in the latest and greatest equipment to ensure your site or app is up and running at all times. We operate a separate Cisco/Brocade-powered network. We have connectivity to Level3, Highwinds, HE, Cogent and Integra. We also have our own private peering. The result? We make optimal connectivity available to our full range of servers.

We also offer a range of management options to suit your needs. Choose from self-managed, managed or fully managed.

Online shopping is big business, and most consumers have come to expect an online ordering function from even the smallest companies. Even if people sometimes prefer to shop in the a brick and mortar environment, they still use the Internet to find product information and compare prices before purchasing. Don’t lose any customers to a competitor that is already established online… create your online presence and build an eCommerce website.  Need a hand setting up your online store, just give us a call today!

From our datacenter, our network, and our servers, Web Hosting Valdosta invests in the latest and greatest equipment to ensure your site or app is up and running at all times. Intel Multicore Processors, RAID protected Hard Drives, and more. Every component is fully redundant from power supply to network card to the high-speed SAN delivering unparalleled uptime, performance and reliability.

SSD hard drives can improve load times over 50 percent instantly. Sign up for our business hosting with SSD drives, for the ultimate in website performance.

All our servers are hosted on our high-performance networks out of Atlanta. Our redundant Tier 1-powered network provides lightning-fast download and site loading speeds around the globe.

Dedicated and VPS Servers

Our experienced and friendly support team is here to help you. As a web host, we know how important good technical support is to our customers. We never send your call over seas! Our team is 100% in-house and available via Live Chat and our Helpdesk to assist you with your hosting service, whenever you need it. We measure our response times in minutes and seconds, not hours and days.

cPanel comes with all of our self manged hosting packages, giving you full control of your website through your web browser. cPanel is the #1 control panel worldwide, and it’s included free with all self manged accounts.

Our servers are secured to the highest possible standards, using hardware and software firewalls alongside our own in-house security package.

How Can Web Hosting Valdosta Help You

We are more than just a hosting company, we believe in offering our South Georgia clients the best services possible, from hosting your website to developing it into something functional, then helping people find ! There is no sense in offering a beautiful website if your clients or followers can’t find you!

Web development is the back-end, or back office, of the website, along with the programming and interactions of the pages. This is the functionality aspect and focuses on how a site works and how the site owner or business get things done on it. Proper web development works on keeping a site running effectively for you and your business.

Web design is the customer-facing part of the website. A proper web design is concerned with how a site looks and how the customers interact with it. By utilizing the principles of design, we will create a site that looks great, is easy to navigate, and has the proper Search Engine values.

From Search Engine Submissions, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM / Ad Campaign Management), Social Media marketing, Alexa Traffic Campaigns, and more we have a team of experienced individuals that can assist you with your digital marketing needs.

Blazing performance, supreme flexibility & superior support.

You’ll need a domain name if you don’t have one already. Search for the one you want and purchase it at the click of a button, or transfer your domain to us.

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